Smalls is the obvious choice.
Unlike our competitors, you’ll never find fillers, artificial ingredients, or preservatives in our recipes. It’s never too late to start feeding your cat real all-natural fresh food.
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Why Smalls is better for your cat.
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Thinking about ditching kibble for Smalls? It’s a no brainer.
Developed for cats, not profitCats use protein for energy. Not carbs. Which is why our recipes are crafted with more than 80% protein. Kibble manufacturers cut costs by packing their food with unnecessary fillers and carbohydrates.
Superior HydrationCats who exclusively eat kibble are more likely to experience chronic dehydration. Smalls is packed with moisture, ensuring your cat stays hydrated.
MINIMALLY PROCESSEDKibble is created through a cooking process called extrusion, where it’s stripped of its nutrients and coated with artificial flavoring. Smalls is steamed and frozen for optimal freshness. No preservatives or artificial flavors ever.
Here’s what some of our customers had to say.
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I always knew he was meant to be a star, so I loved seeing his fur get so shiny. He's much more active and lively than before. Such a convenient option!

Remy F.
5 stars rating

She was always so-so with her usual food, but she is VERY enthusiastic about Smalls. Her breath is MUCH better and she poops much less frequently and it does not smell disgusting as it used to.

5 stars rating

After every feeding he gets this burst of energy and starts running around the house! And his fur is softer and more vibrant, with higher contrast. Honestly, I wouldn’t recommend anything else.

5 stars rating