Taking on the giants of the pet food industry since 2017.

Big Pet Food prioritizes profits over cat health and they pack cat food with preservatives and fillers. Smalls believes cats deserve better and uses natural ingredients and added vitamins and minerals in our food.

Fresh food that’s developed with your cat’s biology in mind.

Your feline BFF descended from big desert cats who consumed live prey. Although they’re a lot smaller and cuddlier now, they still need fresh and protein-packed meals to be at their best.
They’ll taste the difference, you’ll experience it.88% of our customers report improvements to their cat's overall health after switching to Smalls.
Promotes healthy immune function
Great source of energy
Promotes a shiny and soft coat
Easy to digest
Supports healthy muscles and joints
Supports hydration
Ready to give Smalls a try?Our fresh food come in many delicious flavors and textures. No guarantees, but your cat might actually thank you for this.
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🐓 Fresh Smooth Bird Fresh chicken pate recipe
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