We’re here to make 9 lives 10.
Smalls has been taking on the giants of the pet food industry since 2017, and now, we’re ready to do it in the retail space. Our cat-first, cat-only positioning speaks directly to an underserved audience.

Who is Smalls?

Founded in 2017, Smalls is now the leader in fresh, frozen cat food. We’ve spent years developing products that are both irresistible to cats and actually puts their health first.
They’ll taste the difference, you’ll experience it.Our human-grade fresh food is protein-packed and free from artificial ingredients, helping more cats live happy and healthy lives.
Promotes healthy immune function
Great source of energy
Promotes a shiny and soft coat
Easy to digest
Supports healthy muscles and joints
Supports hydration
An assortment for every cat parentOur fresh food come in four delicious flavors and two unique textures. We have a total of seven possible combinations—perfect for any finicky feline. No guarantees, but your cat might actually thank you for this.Download Nutritional Profile PDF
Smalls products carousel
🐓 Fresh Pulled BirdA shredded chicken recipe.
🦃 Fresh Pulled Other BirdA shredded turkey recipe.
🐓 Fresh Ground Bird Fresh minced chicken recipe
🦃 Fresh Smooth Other Bird Fresh turkey pate recipe
🐽 Fresh Smooth PigFresh pork pate recipe
🐓🐟 Fresh Smooth Bird & Fish DishFresh chicken and salmon pate recipe
🦃 Fresh Ground Other Bird Fresh minced turkey recipe
🐓 Fresh Smooth Bird Fresh chicken pate recipe
🐟 Fresh Smooth Fish Fresh salmon and cod pate recipe
A serious step up from canned
Calories200 per packet110 calories per can*
fillersno Corn, Soy, or wheatyes
*Based on a 5.5oz serving from comparable better-for-you canned brands
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